The Secrets to Success that Brought Bob Bull to the Top

Robert Bull knew the multifamily housing market would begin to shift as baby boomers began to move into their 70s. But he wanted to ensure that he could offer the ideal solution. So RoyaleLife project goes beyond just older people. The company has ten properties in development or under construction in Florida, the Carolinas, and Virginia.

The business provides housing to seniors through independent living or assisted living. Royale Life also offers daycare, a fitness center, and a heated outdoor pool. Robert Bull says that they will focus more on plans for living units as they continue to expand. Robert Bull had started his career as a housing engineer in the UK and had spent much of his career working on and off for large British property and development companies.

They started building retirement developments in the north of England, and some of them sold well. In 1993, he and his wife visited Australia and Hong Kong, where they saw better plans to improve on the project. There is customization to meet the individual needs of each client. The technology and sophistication that goes into this community are second to none, said Bull. It’s a unique experience.

Since the company’s inception, RoyaleLife has built 1,300 communities and 20,000 homes in 43 states and 17 countries. The housing development company is headquartered in Boston. The evolution of luxury for the aging housing market has allowed RoyaleLife to attract an influential and eclectic mix of homeowners, including Tony Bennett, David Paine, Joseph H. Lewis, James D. Sachs, and Ronald Lockwood.

The firm’s mission is to make elder care a lifestyle rather than a last resort for people who would otherwise struggle on their own. They believe that each of their residents represents the ultimate example of courage, grit, and persistence, Robert Bull explained. At Royale Life, they ensure that the world knows that the elderly are capable, successful, and celebrated people just as they were in their prime. Go here for more information