Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky

In an ever changing society, Eric Lefkofsky embarked into the world of healthcare to bring us the Tempus project. CEO and entrepreneur of many ventures, he was frustrated with the current world’s lack of helpful data in the healthcare sector and became determined to help impact and enhance lives in the communities he and his companies served. With the revolutionary design of in-home Covid testing and led by Eric Lefkofsky,  Tempus enabled people to take their health into their own hands and homes, while protecting the lives of healthcare professionals on the front lines. 


Innovative ways of dealing with the pandemic has been a rocky uphill battle, but for Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus, it was a way of giving back and helping the world function in more effective and safe ways. It is a revolution within the healthcare and medical technology industry. Rather than looking for a quick fix, Eric Lefkofsky strived for a lasting solution to a new problem, and with that effort, Tempus was born. Tempus is not just for in-home Covid testing, being used in 250 hospitals and discerning patterns by combining clinical data with genetic data.


This has enabled effective ways to treat many conditions and patients. Eric Lefkofsky explains that no two people are exactly alike in how they might respond to a medication or treatment, and that’s where Tempus comes in. With data analysis and genome study, safe and effective ways to treat patients are more innovative than ever. Eric Lefkofsky is of the idea that time is a luxury one often doesn’t have in healthcare; with that in mind, Tempus aims to improve the lives of patients and assist the work of healthcare professionals.