Take Back Your Day and Your Life With the Sphere of Silence

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist who has dedicated his life to helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives. He founded the International Institute of Management in 1977 with a single goal: To help people find their way out of poverty. With over 12 million students trained during his lifetime, he is one of the most influential leaders in modern history. His newest book, “The Sphere of Silence” teaches us how to take back our day by mastering silence through meditation and other techniques that are designed to release stress from our lives.

Besides being an author, Vijay Eswaran is also the executive chairman of the QI Group of companies. This Singapore-based company builds and operates educational institutions for both students and professionals throughout Asia. These schools are designed to provide high-quality education with a focus on value creation through entrepreneurship training. Just like this blog post was written by our professional writing service writers, I’m sure that you will find these schools beneficial if your goal is to increase your knowledge in business management or other areas related to technology or finance!

Additionally, Mr Eswaran has founded several non-profit organizations that aim to give back more than they receive from society and provide financial support for those who cannot afford it on their own, such as The Vijayaratnam Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Family Support Fund. These accomplishments show that he is truly a great role model for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business or anyone else who is looking for a little inspiration and motivation to help them live life more fully.

Furthermore, Vijay Eswaran is also a highly accomplished author. He has written several books, which include: “In the Sphere of Silence,” “One Good Deed at a Time,” and most recently, “From Poverty to Empowerment.” Each book is filled with valuable insights and lessons that he learned about how to live more fully and make the world around us better by helping others whenever we can.

For instance, in one section of his new book, Mr Eswaran emphasizes that meditation should not be viewed as strange or weird. Still, it’s an important tool for successful individuals such as himself who want to maintain their mental clarity daily! His personal experience shows what many people already know – Meditation does work because it helps us quiet the mind so that we can truly focus on what’s important in our lives. View Source: PRNewswire