Sparkasse Bank Malta – Depositary and Custody Services

The founding shareholders of Sparkasse Bank Malta are the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. The firm has offices and branches throughout the UK and Malta. Its primary focus is investment services, and it aims to be the bank of choice in Europe for firms providing investment and fund management services. The company is headquartered in Sliema and employs approximately 350 people. It operates as a subsidiary of Sparkasse Holdings (Malta) Limited.

Founded in 2000, Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is a full-service bank registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority. It is a leading provider of depositary and custody services, and it holds over EUR8 billion of assets in custody. The firm is a member of SWIFT and is a direct participant in SEPA. It is licensed by the Central banks of Ireland to provide depository services to Irish UCIT and AIF structures.

The company was established in 2000, and it is now headquartered in Malta. It was born in Austria, but it has offices in both countries. It has supported fund managers for over 10 years. With EUR3.3 billion in assets under custody, it has become a leading player in the local market. Its investment advisory service focuses on less experienced investors and licensed investment advisers. It provides customized investment strategies and recommendations. The bank offers non-advisory services, but still has a high level of expertise and responsiveness.

Founded in 2000, Sparkasse Bank Malta plc has a prestigious history. The bank has a history of supporting fund managers and is now active in both Ireland and Malta. The firm services over 40% of the local market. With EUR3.3 billion in assets under custody, Sparkasse Malta has become a leading player in the local market. Innova’s innovative technologies have helped the firm stay ahead of the competition and maintain its growing customer base.

The bank is licensed to offer various investment products. Its depositary services are aimed at corporate entities and private customers. In addition to its traditional services, it offers custody for EUR3.3 billion in assets. The AI platform was developed by Fortia’s Paris research lab. It automates complex operational processes, including asset reconciliation. It also packs AI algorithms with a host of benefits. There is no reason not to choose Sparkasse Bank Malta.

The company has been in the banking business since 1888 and currently employs over 100 people. It has over EUR8 billion in assets under custody and employs more than 100 staff. Its growth has been fueled by investments in human resources and IT infrastructure. The bank uses a technologically advanced approach to automate depository functions. This has helped the company sustain its growth and keep a growing customer base. With automation, it has become more efficient and more responsive to customer needs. Read here: