Ryan Kavanaugh Moves Triller into NFTs

Ryan Kavanaugh co-owns the media company TrillerNet with Bobby Sarnevesht. This is a fight game company. It is also involved with social media and the growing non-fungible tokens (NFT) market.

TrillerNet has its own Triller app. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance its user experience. The app gives users the ability to shoot video clips. Then its auto-editing tool stitches them together with little effort from the user.

The Triller app is the only video-sharing app with this technology. It allows the shooting of different video clips using different filters. And set to the same music, The AI does the edit and allows users to rearrange and replace clips as needed.

For Ryan Kavanaugh, NFTs have opened the way for the growth of his entertainment career. It is another activity that satisfies his drive for innovation and new challenges. Many years before, Kavanagh established Relativity Media in Hollywood. He was the first to adopt a “Moneyball” approach for financing films.

Ryan Kavanaugh made a deal for Marvel Studios. And the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is now valued in the billions. He also produced hundreds of successful films. Those generated box-office sales, also worth billions. He is a principal investor at Proxima Media. This places him among the most innovative and disruptive investors

Proxima Media has produced and distributed hundreds of films and successful television shows. Kavanaugh and Sarnevesht took control of Triller in 2019. It has music licensing deals with several famous record labels. And users can create music videos with AI editing tools to share on their social networks.

Kavanaugh and Triller have disrupted boxing with the launch of Triller Fight Club in 2020. With it, they have combined music and combat sports for entertainment. The Triller Fight Club has created and preserved many memorable events as NFTs.