Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Transformative Leadership Advances Adoption of Information Technology by Private and Public Institutions

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a renowned Brazilian industrialist, a civil engineer and a passionate tech-savvy. He is an avid and voracious entrepreneur and has devoted his life to innovating solutions by leveraging the transformative power of modern-day technology. Haroldo was born and raised in Brazil, and his both parents were in the Civil Engineering profession. Growing up, the hands-on Jacobovicz was fascinated by his parent’s ability to create unique structures from scratch and over time, he developed the desire to follow their career line. He later joined the Federal University of Parana to pursue civil engineering, and though he successfully graduated, he seemed to develop enthusiasm and curiosity for information technology.

The futuristic thinker Haroldo Jacobovicz identified a unique niche to help startups incorporate technology into their business operations. To fill the gap in the market, he partnered with like-minded friends and launched Microsystem to enable businesses to automate. Over the years, the visionary entrepreneur Haroldo has been instrumental in establishing and thriving multiple tech companies to help private, and government institutions reap the benefits of information technology.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder and chairman of Horizon telecom, Brazil’s leading telecoms and communication company. The company operates entirely on a fibre-optic network, point to point redundancy and equipment designed with the latest technological trends. He also established Horizons Datacenter, which provides cloud services to enterprises. The transformative leader Haroldo also founded the e-Governe Group.

As a successful entrepreneur, Haroldo Jacobovicz touts the importance of studying more to expand one’s knowledge base and gain ideas. He advises the young generations to devote their time to self-improvement to stay ahead of their peers and accomplish desired goals. Haroldo also emphasizes the need to learn more global languages as a sure way to comprehend diverse cultures. He points out that balancing education and accomplishing financial goals is critical for students and passionate entrepreneurs.