Eterneva: The New Hope for Grief and Wellness

Losing a loved one can be devastating following the beautiful memories you had created together. After death, most people are always looking for ways to keep the memory of their loved ones alive. Eterneva has made this possible by converting loved ones’ ashes into diamonds. The enterprise is keen on to size, cut, inscription, and color descriptions and preferences of their customers when making the diamonds.

The grief and wellness brand was founded in 2016 as a grief and wellness company. In 2019, the company raised $1.8 million from its investors to fund its growing operations. The company has established its presence and procedures and has gathered a total profit of around $4.8 million. The Austin-based company will use the funds collected to expand its laboratory. Through expanding their Austin laboratory, the brand will allow loved ones to be part of the team putting the ashes into the machine. Apart from Austin, the company has laboratories in Switzerland and Germany.

Eterneva, through the co-founders Ander Archer and Garrett Ozar has served over 500 clients with the diamond memorial for the departed soul. The company is a grief and wellness brand that’s helping families to grief in a unique and sophisticated way. Baylor University is currently studying the curated grief strategy of the company.

Since its establishment, the grief establishment has signed many partnerships with different funeral homes and crematoriums. Before COVID, the company could serve and get to their customers directly. Nonetheless, Eterneva is working closely with funeral homes to help with the digital transition due to the pandemic.

Apart from turning loved ones’ ashes into diamonds, the establishment helps their customers convert their pet ashes into diamonds. Precision is something the company embraces. Therefore, the company involves the grieving person throughout the process. The company is, therefore, thoughtful and very interactive.

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